Debbie and Marcey each  have over thirty years of inner-city teaching experience working with at-risk students who had experienced multiple ACEs, which had impacted their educational journey.  As collaborative educators, they  worked together as team teachers for many years.  They have done extensive studying, researching, and collaborating with experts in the field of neuroscience, while utilizing the classroom to develop and fine-tune affective neural-inspired strategies and practices; this facilitated the development of Brainzones. 

Debbie has a Bachelor of Science in Special Education with a  Reading Certificate, and an MA in Literacy.  Debbie  qualified and was awarded the Ohio Master Teacher Honor.

Marcey received  a BS in Special Education and Elementary Ed.  She qualified and was awarded the Ohio Master Teacher Honor.  

Debbie and Marcey spent 8 years as  District Educational Instructors and now are Educational Consultants.