S kagan.jpg

 “Very Enjoyable”

“Wonderful Metaphor”

“BrainZones is a nice Blend of the theory an practice”

Dr. Spencer Kagan

World renowned author and keynote speaker in the field of education and psychology.



“A great presentation:  Creative music set the tone.  Enormous amount of information, yet practical down to earth way that teachers could begin to use tomorrow.”

professor Carol Engler 

Preservice Educator

Ashland University



“Since the implementation of BrainZones in our school, suspensions have been cut, attendance has increased, and students who previously failed are now passing.  It is truly remarkable!”

Robert McKinnie

Middle School Principal

Akron, OH


“Wanted to let you know, the  positive strategies and all the other stuff that you presented are working wonders!!  Also started doing the slips of paper with names  on it for my 3d period….OMG, I wish I had done that a long time ago   AMAZING!!!!” 

Jennifer Wagner

Middle School Educator

Akron, OH

“Students in the Severe Behavior Program present tremendous challenges to educators today.  We’ve taught them to us the BrainZone model for anger management, decision making and self control.  It has been a fantastic asset for us.” 

Joanne Orlando

Program Director

Akron, OH