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BrainZones Foundations

Professional Development

Educators need to be equipped for both the academic and emotional aspects of impacting education. BrainZones is a proven approach, consolidating research from SEL, Trauma, Mindfulness, neuroeducation, and positive psychology; supporting the total education of the whole child.

A one day workshop would include:

  • BZ Foundations — an understanding of how the emotional brain impacts attitudes, behavior and results.

  • Strategies for maximizing Instructional Effectiveness

  • An integration of neuroscience and BZ-strategies. Choose two topics below for digging deeper:

    • Social, Emotional Learning

    • Trauma (ACE’s)

    • Mindfulness

    • Positive Psychology

    • Dealing with an S.O.B. (Strong Orange Brain)

    • Shift Happens Lesson Design

Upon completion

  1. Understand and recognize the five emotional zones and the importance of identifying each zone within yourself. This will empower you to elevate the culture of your classroom.

  2. Equipped with strategies for shifting destructive behaviors to productive: reducing disruptions, building confidence, empathy, and resilience.

  3. Acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of two school specific topics, including tools and tips of how BrainZones applies.

BrainZones - Professional Learning Model

(A recommended 1-year plan for ongoing training)

This ongoing training is designed to meet best practices in professional learning with opportunities for face-to-face training, online learning, and colleague collaboration. With modeling, coaching, and co-teaching to facilitate and assure the transfer of new knowledge and practices.

teacher & school Core Values + Student Success

  1. Teachers will assess and align their core values to assure student success.

  2. Through a gradual release process, teachers will acquire new techniques, skills, and procedures to assure students’ academic, emotional, and lifelong success.

    • Model lessons will be available online - from the BZ staff and colleagues

    • Webinar information will be accessible on-demand

    • Additional Topic Specific Learning Modules may be attained

SUGGESTED Professional Learning Model TIMELINE


BrainZones Leadership Training

This training is designed for lead teachers, coaches, and building administrators. This full day training includes the BZ Foundational course, Staff Strategies for Improving Performance, and Leadership Training for Unleashing Your Best Self. Additional and ongoing training is optional via a one-hour webinar.

leadership development Upon Completion:

  • Increasing staff enthusiasm, happiness, and motivation to perform

  • Building trust, harmony, and positive mindsets

  • Fostering relationships and collaboration: Admin to staff, Admin to student, and staff to staff, school to parent

  • Unleashing your best self